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Life Sciences

From implantable medical devices and wearable fitness gadgets to drug delivery mechanisms and beyond – if your product interacts with the human body, we can help.

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The Living Heart Model Dassault Systèmes
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The Living Heart Model Dassault Systèmes

Before you can bring your product to market, you have to know it can perform. With our realistic models and detailed analyses, you’ll gain confidence that your product will deliver on its promise. 

We create virtual models of products for use on, or within, the human body. Want to optimize your designs before starting the expensive and time-consuming processes of physical prototyping and testing? Our modeling and simulation expertise – in finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), fluid structure interaction (FSI) and more – provides realistic information about how products interact with the human body. Device modeling and simulation. Human body modeling. Product development across multiple industries. Advanced manufacturing techniques. We're experts in all these fields and more. Our human-centered engineering services help reduce development time – and improve outcomes and satisfaction for patients and consumers.


The best solutions are never created in silos. We look beyond the boundaries of life sciences, drawing on our experience in other industries, harnessing technologies from across our company and employing our deep expertise in physical sciences to offer innovative approaches that deliver results.

Using our imaging, FEA, CFD, FSI and low-order modeling skill sets, here's how we can help you:

  • Virtual bench tests
  • Human-centric engineering
  • Tissue modeling
  • Human anatomical models
  • Image segmentation
  • In silico clinical trials
  • Clinical decision-making support

Rendered simulation of a generic self-expanding stent deployment into a straight artery.

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Modeling The Human Heart
July 01, 2019
In the heart of Silicon Valley, a team from our Applied Science practice is crossing disciplinary boundaries, applying their engineering expertise to aid in the advancement of medical science.