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Passive House

We meet Passive House standards by drawing on our high-performance systems, envelope design, building science and structural design expertise.

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We believe that striving for ultrahigh-performance, sustainably designed facilities will lead to breakthrough innovations that will change the way we deliver buildings. The Passive House design approach is critical for realizing this vision.

Courtesy Passive House Accelerator Courtesy Passive House Accelerator

Our Passive House team has been shaping, teaching and implementing these standards for over a decade. With collective experience consulting on more than 75 Passive House projects – and counting – our knowledge of high-performance systems, envelope design, building science and structure, enables us to guide our clients to solutions that achieve significant upfront and long-term savings.

Our experts assisted the Passive House Institute U.S. in developing their multifamily program and requirements. The result? We provided Passive House services for the PHIUS+ Certified Village Centre apartments, a 48-unit, 54,000-square-foot affordable-housing building in Maine, which is recognized as one of the largest certified Passive House projects in a cold climate


Our team of certified Passive House consultants and designers – alongside our energy analysts, architectural engineers, building scientists, integrative design specialists and envelope consultants – excels at managing the complex interactions and synergies between high-performance envelopes and efficient mechanical systems. We combine our experience with industry-leading software analysis programs – WUFI Passive, WUFI Plus, WUFI Pro, Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and LBNL THERM – with our in-house parametric analysis Design Explorer application that enables us to optimize any project for all potential Passive House design variables and first-cost optimization.

Areas of Focus

  • Commercial Passive House
  • Large-scale Passive House
  • Multifamily Passive House
  • Nonresidential Passive House
  • Passive House for dormitories
  • Passive House for higher education
  • Passive House for schools (K–12)
  • Passive House for student housing

How We Can Help

  • Hygrothermal analysis
  • Passive House certification preparation
  • Passive House compliance modeling
  • Passive House consulting
  • Passive House education and curriculum development
  • Passive House feasibility studies
  • Passive House financial incentive support
  • Thermal bridge analysis