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Engineering Essentials: Mass Timber Construction

We’re working to make mass timber a mainstream option for structural systems. Why? How? Watch our experts explain.

Here's How

At Thornton Tomasetti, we’re advancing the use of mass timber on several fronts. Evaluating its benefits for fighting climate change. Proving its versatility. Analyzing its safety. Designing record-breaking structures. Developing technological tools to speed its assessment and design.

Watch Paul Becker – senior principal, director of our Portland, Maine, office and member of the Maine Mass Timber Advisory Committee – interview leaders in Thornton Tomasetti’s mass timber initiatives about how this renewable material can become a material of choice in structures of every kind.

Video Series

Mass Timber Construction Series Teaser
What building material is stronger than steel, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, waste and construction costs and has been around forever? Hint: it comes from trees.

Why Mass Timber Is the Material of the Future
Paul Becker and Gunnar Hubbard discuss embodied carbon, sustainability and why mass timber is the material of the future.

Iconic Structures and Creative Use of Timber
Paul Becker and Chris Minerva discuss creative applications of mass timber in buildings past, present and future.

Designing the World's Tallest Mass Timber Building
Paul Becker and John Peronto discuss the design of Ascent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upon completion, it will be the tallest mass timber building in the world.

Performance-Based Fire Engineering for Mass Timber
Paul Becker and Ali Ashrafi discuss fire safety in mass timber structures and the benefits of performance-based fire engineering.

Innovative Technology in Timber Design
Paul Becker and Rob Otani discuss how innovations in design and analysis technology are enabling wider use of mass timber construction.

Meet Our Mass Timber Experts

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Capability: Expertise

Capability: Expertise

Capability: Technology

Capability: Technology

Mass Timber News

Ascent Tops Out
December 17, 2021
Taking the lead as the tallest mass timber building in the world, the 25-story Ascent has topped out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.