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Here's How

We apply scientific and engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges — starting with yours. Whether we’re focusing on the design, construction and performance of buildings or expanding into new disciplines, we never limit ourselves, applying our expertise to all types of projects across a range of industries.

Projects 65,000+

Countries Worked In 135+
Languages Spoken 32

LEED Professionals 200+
Year Founded 1949

Offices Worldwide 50+

What We Do

Whatever issue you face, we have your solution. We get to the heart of every problem—digging deep to understand its intricacies and nuances, so we can help you achieve your goals, together.


We provide expert analysis to help you make decisions about physical improvements, adaptation, mitigation and resilience strategies to support your success in an often uncertain future.

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

Maximizing occupant safety and comfort in all types of structures – new and old – and tuning listening spaces for optimal acoustics.

Protective Design & Security

Our interdisciplinary teams have one goal: to minimize vulnerabilities and limit the consequences of adverse events. How? By crafting comprehensive, layered and fully integrated plans that protect your critical assets.

Sports & Public Assembly

Baseball. Football. Soccer. Basketball. Hockey. Tennis. Cricket. Track and field. Aquatics. We’ve done all these, and more. Whether it’s a new venue or a renovation, we have a team with the experience to make your project a champion.

Cultural & Community

Cultural and community spaces offer limitless possibilities – for both function and design. Our innovative, collaborative design approach fully embraces these possibilities and more, creating iconic, flexible structural centerpieces that enrich and transform their communities.


Our testing, modeling, and simulation capabilities allow us to develop and evaluate military capability including infrastructure, equipment and systems – and help them meet their required performance and qualifications.

Our Projects

We are conquering complex problems - on six continents - and finding better ways to tackle even the most straightforward undertakings.

Courtesy Bora/Ennead
Courtesy Gensler and Allegheny County Airport Authority

News & Resources

Press Releases

Islam Hussein to Grow New Space Systems Group
May 12, 2020
Islam Hussein has joined as a vice president and is charged with the launch of the firm’s new Space Systems group, an advanced science and technology research and development program targeting the space systems industry.