Forensics takes a scientific approach to engineering. Deconstructing a sophisticated problem down to the simplest form is key to identifying the cause and developing an effective solution.

Liling Cao heads the Forensics practice’s Advanced Analytics group, which uses sophisticated modeling and analysis tools to solve complex problems associated with compromised structures and specialized designs. She has more than 10 years of experience in the investigation, stabilization and rehabilitation of various types of buildings, parking and long-span structures, bridges, scaffolds and utility facilities. She is also highly skilled in the areas of litigation support, blast engineering, seismic design and emergency response.

Knack for Problem Solving
Using a cross-disciplinary approach, Liling develops workable solutions to structural deficiency and instability across the full spectrum of project types. She is proficient in the use of linear, nonlinear and dynamic analysis to evaluate the mechanical behavior of structures under extreme loading conditions, such as wind, earthquake, blast and dynamic impact events. She also employs a range of simulation techniques and forensic information modeling for data collection and processing. Her work includes the assessment and stabilization of the main building at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, following a fire event. In addition to developing plans for the restoration of the historic structure, she helped make it more sustainable designing a new green roof for the building. Liling also played a key role in identifying the collapse progression of the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, using dynamic analysis simulation.

R&D Collaboration
Under Liling’s leadership, the Advanced Analytics group is expanding the firm’s research and development efforts through academic and industry partnerships. These alliances focus on the advancement of innovative ideas within the architecture, engineering and construction industry and related fields.

Outside of Work
Liling and her family are seasoned travelers who like to explore new destinations and experience different cultures. Whether on the road or at home, she enjoys taking photographs that capture the beauty of nature and the built environment. Liling is also an avid hiker. Her favorite trails are Mount Beacon and the Lake Minnewaska Loop, both in Hudson Valley, New York.

• Advanced analytics
• Engineering simulations
• Forensic Investigation
• Blast mitigation and hardening
• Structural stabilization