Uber Technologies Headquarters in San Francisco. © SHoP Architects PC

Uber Technologies Headquarters



Uber Technologies is a rapidly developing transportation network company with a global presence. To accommodate its expanding business and consolidate its workforce, the company decided to build a new corporate headquarters in the pedestrian friendly Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. The office complex comprises two buildings organized around an open space and connected via three glass and steel pedestrian bridges. The eleven-story tower and six-story structure will provide offices for up to 3,000 employees, small-scale retail on the ground floors and a public park, which existed on the original site and will be refurbished to include a day care center. The project also encompasses streetscape improvements and the addition of public amenities.

Thornton Tomasetti is providing structural and construction engineering services for the 423,000-square-foot office buildings. Designed to be open and environmentally responsible, the glass enclosed buildings and their bridges will maintain a visual connection to the surrounding urban environment. The defining feature of the complex is the multi-story Commons, a network of gathering spaces located over a public pedestrian street that serves as the main circulation between the two buildings.

To achieve the common space, Thornton Tomasetti’s team devised large, cantilevered framing designed for vibrations. The two-level bridge spans are supported by large girders on the top level with king and queen post truss systems. Connections to the buildings at either end are designed to accommodate large seismic movements at both buildings in any direction. The scope of work will include a phase one Tekla model and additional development of a model for the exposed structure.

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