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We apply scientific and engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges – starting with yours. No matter your goal, we’ll help get you there.

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Rogers Place Arena, Edmonton, Canada
Geometric Rationalization

It’s beautiful, but is it buildable? We analyze the elements in your 3D models to make sure their geometries will work in the real world.

Healthy Indoors Airflow Modeling

Healthier indoor spaces are more important than ever. We use advanced modeling to assess environmental quality and improve occupant wellness and comfort.

Healthy Reentry

As health monitoring and contact tracing become the new normal, Healthy Reentry is a simple, effective and customizable tool.

Industrial Resilience

You need to be able to anticipate incidents and to withstand, recover and adapt from disruption to continue to deliver your core services. We can help you develop a risk-informed strategy for building resilience.

Integrated building analysis using Thread.
Integrated Building Analysis

Our early-stage design analyses help boost your building’s energy performance, slash its resource consumption and improve its indoor environment. 


Your design team works together. Shouldn’t your software? Our interoperability solutions enable your apps to share data, saving you time, money and frustration.

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Kinetic Design

For any kinetic structure or operable element, we provide project planning, design and construction support, as well as assessment and investigation, repair, renovation, expansion and deconstruction services.


Konstru’s user-friendly data environment makes 3D BIM collaboration a breeze. 

Life Sciences

From implantable medical devices and wearable fitness gadgets to drug delivery mechanisms and beyond – if your product interacts with the human body, we can help.

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Life-Cycle Assessment

Sustainability doesn’t end once a building is constructed. We help you evaluate environmental impacts from every phase of a building’s lifespan.

Litigation Support

Design experience. Forensic skill. Advanced analytical expertise. Innovative visualization tools. Commitment to clear communication. We bring them all to bear on dispute resolution, from mediation and arbitration to court hearings.