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Energy & Petrochemical Services

We provide specialized technical consulting services for human-caused and natural hazards in the energy and petrochemical industries, delivering pragmatic end-to-end solutions to help you manage and reduce risk exposure.

Lead Contacts

Chemical facility explosion response and assessment, Central America. Thornton Tomasetti
We designed a sound-barrier wall to safeguard noise-sensitive areas for a proposed expansion of Dominion Energy Cove Point Terminal in Maryland. The design included a hardened section that could resist blast overpressure to protect occupied buildings. Thornton Tomasetti
We provided forensic investigation services for a confidential plant explosion. Thornton Tomasetti

Hazard analysis and concept development. Design and construction. Commissioning and operational support. Decommissioning and site restoration. We have the skills and experience to fully support your onshore and offshore operations and developments.

We combine rigorous engineering with management best practices to reduce risks to your personnel and assets, as well as to the environment. Our team applies innovative techniques in analysis, simulation, and thermal and fluid mechanics to our risk management, design and engineering work.

Panotour Solutions

We've developed virtual tour solutions, which have proven to be an invaluable resource, from site survey work. The initial objective was to capture data on normally unmanned offshore platforms, giving engineers an easily accessible visual reference when discussing and planning work remotely. The data captured is processed into a bespoke 360-degree virtual tour that can be securely hosted by Thornton Tomasetti or on the client’s own server for ease of access through a browser. This technology has been readily adopted across a wide range of projects. An example of the output is shown above.

Our Team

News & Resources

Assystem Wins Two Contracts For New STEP Fusion Plant
November 04, 2021
Assystem and their partners, Thornton Tomasetti, will work with STEP’s research team to develop software capable of undertaking simulations to help define breeder blanket designs that can produce enough tritium to advance the project to the next phase of simulation and testing, moving us closer to achieving commercially viable fusion energy.