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We apply scientific and engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges – starting with yours. No matter your goal, we’ll help get you there.

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Cable Façades

Technological chops meet practical know-how for flexible, transparent cable façade systems.

Times Square
Civil Engineering

Our three Bs – biddable, buildable and beautiful – describe every plaza, pedestrian corridor, bikeway and roadway infrastructure project we design.

Composite Façades

We use cutting-edge modeling to make innovative composite materials practical for your project.

cfd thumbnail
Computational Fluid Dynamics

We develop and apply codes based on first principles to simulate low- and high-velocity fluid flow to solve real-world problems.

Analysis model of Pittsburgh International Airport entry canopy, Pittsburgh, PA.
Computational Modeling

Who says you can’t have it both good and fast? Our expertise in advanced computational modeling helps facilitate, accelerate and improve even your most geometrically complex designs.

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Computational Structural Dynamics

We analyze structural response to myriad dynamic, shock and or impact loads, assessing performance and safety, and quantifying damage potential.

Concrete Façades

Concrete façades have come a long way from the brutalist buildings of the 1960s. New technologies have transformed concrete into a practical – and attractive – cladding material.

CSI Toolboxes

SAP2000 and ETABS have never been smarter. CSI Toolboxes boost the capabilities of CSI applications, automating and enhancing several engineering and design functions.

TT Toolbox structural analysis.
Custom Software Development

When commercial design and analysis applications fall short, our developers create the software tools that get the job done.

Thread dashboard.
Data Analysis & Visualization

Tired of clicking through multiple layers to find information hidden in your models? We transform “invisible” BIM data into colorful, customizable 3D visualizations – instantly available and easy to analyze.

Deconstruction Engineering

Implosion. Deconstruction. Dismantling. Our 60+ years of experience in design and forensics combines with unequaled expertise in modeling and simulation to reengineer the demolition process.