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Resilience Master Planning

Our multidisciplinary teams provide blueprints for resilient developments that perform economically, enhance the well-being of occupants and support a healthy environment.

Lead Contacts

Burnham Place at Union Station Master Plan. Courtesy Shalom Baranes Associates
Smithsonian Campus Master Plan Phase 1 Brian Petruzzi photo
Sunnyside Yard Master Plan in New York. Courtesy PAU

Climate change. Evolving socioeconomic issues. Town revitalization. Borderless disease outbreaks. Rising energy demand. It’s a rapidly changing world. Our resilient and sustainable master planning approach helps owners and other stakeholders envision how neighborhood transformation can energize local communities, strengthen the potential for future development, protect people and assets and adapt to the uncertainties of future climate change.

Here's How

We collaborate with stakeholders to identify their goals and outline technical strategies to meet them. Then we gather site-specific data: collecting information on past weather events; assessing current codes, standards and guidelines; researching current and potential future hazards along with their likelihood and impacts; and take into account projected climate change. Next, we leverage innovative technology to build sitewide models – of climate resilience solutions and adaptive infrastructure, pedestrian flow and comfort, threat mitigation measures and much more – and use them to develop and refine the program. Finally, we craft a customized, results-driven plan and deliver a road map for implementation.

And after that? We work with you to bring the vision to reality, making updates or adjustments as needed over time and continuing on with design and construction. We’re with you for the whole journey.

There's No "One Size Fits All" 

From blast analysis to bioclimatic design. From water reuse strategies to mobility planning. From emergency preparedness plans to zero-carbon roadmaps. We tailor our approach and our deliverables to each project.

We bring a diversity of disciplines to the table. The people who work on our resilient master-planning projects are subject-matter experts and active practitioners who contribute in-depth knowledge across a wide range of specialties. So we can build a team with the expertise that’s right for your project and priorities. And our technological tools – many developed in-house – provide powerful methods for gathering, organizing, analyzing and visualizing the enormous amounts of data needed to achieve the best results.

Adapting to Climate Change

Master plans offer the scope and breadth to dream of a better future. We identify strategies that minimize the potential adverse impacts of future climate change to people, assets, and area-wide disruption at a district scale with specific resilience goals in mind:

  • Build in redundancy that safeguards critical infrastructure systems against climate hazards.
  • Protect property to minimize damages and losses.
  • Prevent interruptions to critical businesses and neighborhood facilities.
  • Promote public safety during and after hazardous events.
  • Enhance quality of life and climate justice by providing new public amenities and equitable access.
  • Maximize co-benefits to promote the health of natural surroundings, biodiversity and public health.


Master planning maximizes long-term growth, sustainability and resilience. Our services include:

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News & Resources

Flood Resilience for Hurricanes
July 10, 2023
Climate change brings rising water levels, rendering many structures vulnerable to potential flooding. In fact, scientists have predicted that global sea levels could rise by as much as 12 inches by 2050. Add hurricanes to the mix, and it’s more important than ever for owners to establish flood resilience strategies ahead of a storm.