Diamond of Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey. Courtesy Dome Architects.



Thornton Tomasetti provided structural design and seismic analysis for a 289-meter mixed-use tower that includes office space, apartments and a luxury hotel above a podium structure with a retail mall and eight levels of below-grade parking.

Because the site is only 24 kilometers (15 miles) from the main Marmara fault – part of the North Anatolian fault system – the tower was designed to withstand severe seismic forces. A Y-shaped plan, with a reinforced concrete core and secondary steel moment frames along each wing, provides lateral force resistance.

While the building was designed using conventional code-based methods, Thornton Tomasetti engineers also performed a non-linear time history (NTLH) analysis to assess how the structure would perform during a seismic event. Our team applied simulated earthquakes, based on raw data provided by Turkish seismic experts, to our 3D model of the structure. When results showed that the tower would perform well, the owner proposed adding ten stories. Our team then embarked on a second phase of NTLH analysis to assess the impact of those additional levels on the structure and worked with the local engineer of record to implement required design changes. Our application of performance-based design methods allowed the owner to maximize the real estate potential of the site.

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