Seoul International Financial Center (SIFC) in South Korea. Courtesy GS Construction.

Seoul International Financial Center (SIFC)



The International Finance Centre (IFC) Seoul is an eight acre, 5.4 million-square-foot development features three A-grade office towers, a five-star hotel, and seven levels below-grade for both parking and retail. The hotel consists of 450 rooms, meeting rooms, a ballroom, and conference rooms. The below-grade structure includes the three-level luxury IFC mall.

The structural system of the high-rise office towers are structural steel columns and framing consisting of composite steel beams with concrete on metal deck. The lateral load resisting system is primarily reinforced concrete core walls with an outrigger truss at the upper mechanical level. Two options for the lateral system of the tallest office tower have been presented. The first option is reinforced concrete core walls with three outrigger trusses throughout the height of the building. The structural system of the hotel consists of reinforced concrete beams and one-way slabs, and reinforced concrete columns and core walls. The basement levels are reinforced concrete one-way slabs and beams at the retail floors and reinforced concrete flat slab with drop panels at the parking levels. The seven basement levels are bound by a slurry wall.

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