Museum of Science and Industry Science Storms Exhibit in Chicago. Ken Maschke / Thornton Tomasetti.

Museum of Science and Industry Science Storms Exhibit



Science Storms is a 24,000-square-foot permanent exhibition that opened in March 2010 at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. The exhibit allows guests to explore basic science principles by investigating nature’s most powerful phenomena—tornadoes, lightning, fire, tsunamis, avalanches and more—through dynamic recreations and large-scale experiments.

Thornton Tomasetti provided a peer review of the structural consultant’s work and analyzed the Museum’s ability to support loads from the tornado exhibit. We faced the challenge of analyzing complicated loading patterns, evaluating now-archaic structural floor and roof systems from the 1930s, and recommending structural connections that would be unobtrusive to exhibit-goers and easily disassembled.

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