• We Deliver The Model
  • We Are Software Agnostic
  • There Is No Cookie Cutter
  • Design Experience Informs Direction

We Deliver The Model

Through our integrated modeling services, we coordinate the complete structure and can deliver both structural steel and concrete shop drawings from the same model used to create the design drawings, so the model becomes the deliverable to both the contractor and fabricator. This dramatically reduces change orders and increases the quality of the delivered product: what you see on the model is what will be on the delivery trucks from the fabricator – right down to the bolt holes.


We Are Software Agnostic

Tekla Structures is our preferred design tool, but we have in-house interoperability systems that enable us to work in, or translate from and to, any design package.


There Is No Cookie Cutter

Every project presents a unique combination of priorities and constraints, from sequence of construction to budget and schedule. We create customized project delivery strategies, choosing from among our construction engineering services to meet the specific needs of each project and client.


Our Design Experience Informs Our Construction Engineering Services

We bring to every project our international experience designing some of the tallest and longest span structures, and our understanding of load paths, design constraints and a focus on efficient and constructible design.

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