• We Are Multidisciplinary
  • More Than Just The Technically Correct Thing
  • Local Feet On The Ground

We Are Multidisciplinary

Our expertise is deep and broad, and covers all major building systems. No matter what problem needs solving, we bring the right Thornton Tomasetti people onto the project. Our wealth of experience in building renewal draws upon our extensive work in fabrication and construction, and also our design and investigative work on structures, façades and in sustainability. We know what works in the field, from the inside out.


We Do More Than Just The Technically Correct Thing

We look beyond the obvious to solve the real problem. We start by asking the right questions in order to understand our client’s objectives and requirements, and account for such considerations as time and budget constraints, occupancy requirements and site logistics. We work with our clients to understand the history of the problems. Our extensive experience enables us to zero in on the best practical recommendations in order to save time and money.


We Have Local Feet On The Ground (Or On The Cornice)

We believe that you have to be there in order to serve local needs. With 50+ offices we know what works in a variety of markets. We also know local building codes, suppliers, construction practices and material preferences.

Renewal projects