• Experience + Analytics
  • Collaboration is Key
  • Senior Staff Stays Involved
  • International Presence

Experience + Analytics = Optimization

Our staff has performed projects – of every type, shape and size – in more than 60 countries. When an engineering challenge arises, it’s likely that one of us has encountered and solved it before. This size and savvy provides an unparalleled range of expertise for our clients.

When the know-how of our deep bench is further strengthened by our advanced analytical capabilities, the result is a powerful ability to find optimal solutions to even the most difficult engineering problems.


Collaboration is Key

We like to get involved in projects early to help place each one on a path to success. Open communication among all disciplines is the key to a cooperative, efficient design process. When we start a project, we ask questions. We reach out to other team members early on in order to understand the priorities and requirements of each discipline. And we look for ways to seamlessly integrate and coordinate those elements into our work.

This collaborative approach, coupled with our advanced modeling expertise, increases design and construction efficiency in all delivery methods. It also makes us ideally suited for design-build, design-assist and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams.


Senior Staff Stays Involved

At some firms, senior-level engineers come to the interview and stick around for the kickoff, but then hand off the project to less experienced colleagues. At Thornton Tomasetti, we know the value of continuity in project leadership. We believe our clients have the right to expect the participation of senior leaders for the duration of a project.

Our senior-level engineers stay involved, attending meetings and working with project staff to solve difficult technical problems. Their continued involvement not only helps us deliver great results to our clients, but also helps our younger staff develop into great engineers.


International Presence

Design and construction can vary greatly by location. Different conditions, availability of materials and factors like wind or seismic activity all play a role in determining “how it’s done here.”

Our locations around the world confer a breadth of international know-how that few structural engineering firms can match. We hire local staff who understand their region’s design and construction cultures, markets, and legal and regulatory environments. These “boots on the ground” are especially important once construction begins.

Structural Engineering projects

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise


Aviation buildings have many special engineering considerations. Wide hangar doors, long-span roofs that must support gantries – often with moving loads – and other heavy equipment, baggage handling equipment and people movers all have specialized structural requirements.

After working on more than 100 aviation projects in the United States, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, our engineers have developed best practices that enable us to produce efficient and effective designs for hangars and terminals.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise


If there is one constant in healthcare design, it is that program takes priority. Highly specialized expertise, a thorough understanding of the medical environment and knowledge of complex regulations are critical.

Quickly evolving medical technology demands flexible design that can easily accommodate changes in loading or use. Sensitive imaging equipment and patient comfort require strict vibration control. Crowded campus sites drive construction of new facilities on top of, over portions of, next to and sometimes right in the middle of a functioning hospital. Proton therapy vaults require radiation shielding. These are just a few of the challenges our engineers have overcome.

With more than 250 healthcare projects in our portfolio, we have the experience to offer creative structural solutions that meet the all-important programming needs – while also maintaining budget, schedule and aesthetic requirements.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Long-Span Structures

A long-span roof or cantilevered canopy is often a defining architectural element. These large, highly articulated structures must satisfy an array of aesthetic and functional demands. They are often expected to appear weightless while supporting heavy operational equipment. Increasingly, they also support critical components of a building’s sustainability program such as solar panels and green roofs. The use of translucent cladding means the underlying structure can be seen from both the inside and outside, so it requires extra care to achieve the desired aesthetic criteria.

Our structural engineers draw upon years of design experience, construction knowledge and understanding of architectural, mechanical and other requirements of long-span structures. We apply the analytical power of our computational design tools and confer with in-house façade engineering, sustainability and construction engineering' specialists, who provide valuable multidisciplinary perspectives. This integrated approach maximizes our ability to deliver elegant, economical, sustainable and constructable long-span structures.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Performing Arts

Designing structures for the performing arts is never simple. Specialized theater equipment and rigging, the need for large column-free public areas and an emphasis on creative architectural expression come with the territory. We’ve designed scores of performing arts facilities across the United States and around the world.

The value we bring to these complex projects is a willingness to be proactive, to head off potential problems by communicating clearly with all team members about design assumptions and requirements. Experience has taught us what questions need to be asked. From day one, we take into account issues other engineers might not consider. This dedication to open communication, combined with our extensive experience, helps us deliver one great performance after another.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Stadiums & Arenas

With hundreds of sports projects in our portfolio, we have the experience and expertise to tackle any project, anywhere in the world. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, softball, cricket and tennis, along with track and field, aquatics and equestrian sports facilities – we’ve done them. And we’ve collaborated with the world’s premier architects and design teams, building strong relationships to deliver great projects.

Structure plays a more visible role in sports facilities than in almost any other building type. The distinctive visual identity of a stadium or arena is often expressed through the exposed structure: the soaring, seemingly weightless shape of a canopy or the different configurations of a retractable roof or movable exterior wall. The structural system must also support a first-class patron experience and deliver maximum efficiency and economy. Our structural engineers seek out creative structural design solutions that offer an optimal balance for the seemingly incompatible goals of economics, aesthetics and function.

Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Tall & Supertall

Pioneers in the design of high-rise buildings, we use advanced analysis to optimize structural systems, resolve interdisciplinary conflicts, and guard the safety and comfort of occupants. For structures of unconventional size, shape, structural system or function, we employ performance-based design methodologies when prevailing building codes are inapplicable or inadequate, such as in high-seismic areas. Our deep bench of seasoned professionals combines unequalled experience with sophisticated technological tools to enrich the creative process, promote effective collaboration, improve coordination and enhance visualization and communication throughout planning, design and construction. Click here for our brochure (PDF).